Variable Data

Ever receive a mail piece that has your name on it? or an email that seems like they know you?

Marketing is becoming increasingly more personalized. So, to follow suit, we completed a VDP project the past couple weeks.

This was a fun project that we shared with a partner, each taking half the load. My share of the work was in the e-mail campaign.

It was interesting to figure out how to put personalized urls into an email and how to personalize fields in the email as well. Here is what ours ended up looking like:

*all dates and offers are fictional 🙂


The interwebs.

These past couple of weeks have been a crash course in web coding for sure. There never seems to be enough time to learn all that I want to. There are so many cool things that I see all over the internet that I want to replicate for my site, but in a limited time frame I am happy with how it turned out. I hope that my website evolves with content and style in the future.


Check it out here!

URLs and such.

Last week was a huge learning process. Creating a website from scratch is not for the faint of heart!

I’m doing a portfolio website. I bought

I’m hoping eventually the feed from this blog will be forwarded to that URL.

Yay, internet!

I’ll see you with project pictures soon!


p.s. If  haven’t checked out CloudApp, you should ASAP! It will change your life.

Let’s do this.

This summer was absolutely phenomenal. I got to hang out again at Crossroads Worldwide doing video production. This really helped me to gain more skill in scheduling and training camera operators and directing live video. It was super crazy and challenging, but amazing. I love what I do there.

I also got to go to Daytona Beach, FL with NewSpring Church for the Gauntlet. There’s an awesome recap video that you can find here.

And then, I got to fulfill all of my childhood dreams by visiting Harry Potter World. Oh. Yeah.

This summer really couldn’t have been better, but, in all honesty, I am super excited to get back to classes and friends here on campus. I love the heat, so walking to class is actually enjoyable for me AND all of my professors seem amazing.


I LOVE photography. As this blog may have shown you. I love the art of it, the feel of it and the creativity and freedom of it. I can’t wait to learn more about that in 340. Most of my photos are outdoor, so it will be great to learn to shoot in a studio. I’m also really excited to re-learn how to code for web. That’s something I haven’t really been into since high school.


Anyway, I’m super excited to share with you what I learn this semester!








GC 340

This semester, I will post some thoughts and updates on what I’m enjoying about my Graphic Communications 340 class. I’ll tag all of these posts under “Graphic Communications.”

I’m excited this semester to learn more about photography and digital media, including web design.


Swimming in Cupcakes.

Last week I turned twenty.

I received this beautiful gift.

So. Pretty.

So, if you  get a mixer on your birthday…you BAKE on your birthday. Yum.

It was a girl’s night kind of birthday, including “Father of the Bride,” which also turned twenty this year.

What goes perfectly with “Father of the Bride?”

Cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes.

The varieties I chose were S’mores and Key Lime Pie.

That, friends, is the perfect summertime combo.

The recipes were not my own, and I made very little modification. So, you can find the S’mores recipe here.


1) I used semi-sweet baker’s chocolate for the crust.

2) I used 2% milk

3) I used 1tsp baking powder, instead of cream of tartar.

4) I used a regular kitchen lighter to torch the icing.

*disclaimer: This will use a LOT of lighter fluid. Use a torch if you have one 🙂

Yes, please.

Now, for the Key Lime deliciousness. I found this gem of a recipe on this wonderful blog.Modifications:

1) The classic vinegar + milk trick, because I didn’t have buttermilk on hand.

2) I didn’t get quite enough zest off my limes, so I upped the lime juice a bit. Think 4 total tablespoons of lime.

3) I forgot the vanilla in the icing! Still great, though.

4) Lime/ add powdered sugar to the desired taste of the icing. I like a tangier icing, so I opted for more lime.

I hope you get to enjoy these sometime! They’re the perfect summer treat 🙂

Sweet Potato Heaven.

So, I’ve whined enough on twitter the past few days for you to know that I had my wisdom teeth removed on thursday. The surgery went really well and recovery seems to be on schedule. So thankful for that. BUT, on schedule doesn’t mean easy peasey 😉 My mom is a rock star and my family and BFF have been so sweet caring for me.

The hardest part of this whole process for me is just feeling so helpless…right down to food prep!

Cooking is definitely a highlight of my day. I look forward to every meal I get to cook for the process and for the flavors.

It’s currently killing me that I can’t  chew, because I love all things crunchy, chewy and non-pureed-fruit-and-veggie-ish.

So today, I woke up stir crazy and craving the kitchen. If my beautiful little mommy were here, she wouldn’t let me get vertical for more than two-shakes, but with the little sis here: success.

So I made this little number:

This is so simple it doesn’t even require a pot! I got the idea for this soup here. (She’s completely my favorite blogger.) I didn’t have all the ingredients in my pantry, so I just created a non-vegan version that I think is simpler. (mine takes 15 minutes fridge to bowl)

So first you’ll need these tasty things:

1 Super Huge Sweet Potato (not pictured)

1 Cup Veggie Stock

1 Cup (more or less to desired texture)

2t Cumin

2t Chili Powder

1T Fresh Parsley

Salt and Peppa

Cheese and Sour Cream to top

Here’s what you do:

Fork a the sweet potato on a plate. Microwave on high 5 minutes on each side (paper towel over it just in case).

Take that hunk of goodness out of the microwave and peel it. Pop it in your blender. Put in all of the other ingredients. Blend.

Pour in a bowl.

Garnish with Parsley, Cheese and Sour Cream to taste.


(makes 2 servings)

Seriously, you will love this soup. My roommate is a super picky eater and she says this is her second favorite thing that I make. And I bake sweets all the time.

So, you should believe me that this soup is SO tasty.

Perfect in the summer or in the wintertime, for a quick lunch or a yummy dinner served with decadent carbs.

I’m going to enjoy this with some more pain pills and an ice pack or two 🙂

Happy Saturday!