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Fall Break!

Words can’t say how awesome it was to disappear for a few days on fall break. I went to Maryland with two of my very best friends- Olivia and Laura. And, before you ask, we weren’t going to the game 🙂 Laura is from just north of Baltimore, so we “road-tripped” up on Friday after classes. We spent Saturday in the city, shopping and doing lovely things like taking pictures on the harbor. Sunday, we got to go to Laura’s home church and hear an awesome message on the Lord’s prayer. Monday, I got to make my first visit to IKEA. (it only took me 20 years!) After some great finds, we got on the road back to dear ole’ Clemson. It was a fabulous weekend to leave the computer mainly shut and just rest and have fun with friends. Here are a few of the photos I shot on the trip. (These are of “yaboyg,” the gnome. He’s our friend Brooke’s gnome. She sent him because she couldn’t make it.)