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Dustin & Avery

This. Couple.

Avery has been one of my best friends since my freshman year in college and I am so honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this fall! It has been so beautiful to be there for every step of these two falling and love and such a blessing to see Christ bless this relationship.

This was my first engagement shoot, yay! These were shot at The SC Botanical Gardens, Tillman and Pendleton. We had so much fun and I’m so excited to show you these!

*natural lens flare, I’m glad this is in 🙂

*Special shout out to Rebecca who was my awesome light reflector holder and helper all day.


Fall Break!

Words can’t say how awesome it was to disappear for a few days on fall break. I went to Maryland with two of my very best friends- Olivia and Laura. And, before you ask, we weren’t going to the game 🙂 Laura is from just north of Baltimore, so we “road-tripped” up on Friday after classes. We spent Saturday in the city, shopping and doing lovely things like taking pictures on the harbor. Sunday, we got to go to Laura’s home church and hear an awesome message on the Lord’s prayer. Monday, I got to make my first visit to IKEA. (it only took me 20 years!) After some great finds, we got on the road back to dear ole’ Clemson. It was a fabulous weekend to leave the computer mainly shut and just rest and have fun with friends. Here are a few of the photos I shot on the trip. (These are of “yaboyg,” the gnome. He’s our friend Brooke’s gnome. She sent him because she couldn’t make it.)


Lights, Camera, Freeze!

It’s finally time to break out our handy, dandy DSLRs in studio this week!

woot. woot.

I had an interesting experience this week, though.

Background: I’ve always been a loyal canon girl. Even my first point and shoot was a canon.

BUT, this week I picked up a Nikon at work. I’ve been such a prude about the whole Nikon v. Canon battle that I haven’t ever bothered to learn the Nikon interface.

I had trouble figuring out how to change the shutter speed. The shutter speed.

So, I hope that I will be able to steal someone’s Nikon in class so that I become bi-lingual for both interfaces.

I’m also excited to work with studio lighting since the majority of my photography has been indoors. Should be fun to work with ISO and retain quality.

Yay cameras!

My roommates are THE best.

So, we’ve been meaning to take “Roomie Pictures” for about a billion years now. However, it just hasn’t worked out. But guest photog, Blake Jenkins, helped us out. Totally a natural. So here’s some fun pictures to look at on this monsoon of a morning!


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Blake and Becca.

Words can not describe how excited I am to share these photos with you.

Not just because they turned out better than I thought, but because I hope that you will feel how much these two love each other. Becca has been a best friend and confidant since I’ve come to Clemson and I am so glad she met Blake. They bring more glory to God together than they do apart and that is how a couple should be.

They also made my first real “shoot” amazing with their laid-back personalities and ridiculously good looks.

The lighting, as I sad before was really a challenge. It was one of those days where the sun didn’t come out to play, so in editing I added a little sunshine to some.

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do!

*Maybe one day a ring will be on the other hand…

Preview: Blake and Becca.

This past friday was a great day from the start.

The coolest part was that I got to take my best friend/roommate (how cool is that?) to the dock by our apartment for a photo shoot. Her amazing boyfriend Blake, who has quickly become a friend of mine, was in town. So, being the amazingly attractive couple that they are, I had awesome subjects for my first shoot with my new (borrowed) Canon 20D. The weather was dreary, making lighting a challenge; However, I am getting very excited about the results!

Here is a preview of the shoot. More to come soon!