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My designer crush.

Everyone has one. Right?

Let me introduce you to Jessica Hische.

I want to be her. For what reason you may ask?

She draws ribbon like champ, creates retro-awesome fonts and gives back to the design community.


Okay, I’m done.


Who’s your designer crush?


Battle of the best.

A lot of community-based sites have been gaining popularity lately. Give me your take!

Music:  Rdio or Spotify?

Things:  Pinterest or Gimmebar?

People: Facebook or Google+?

Blogs: WordPress or Tumblr?

Photos: Instagram or Hipstamatic?

Fashion: Everlane or RueLaLa?

What are your favorite community-based sites and why? I’d love to know of more!

Variable Data

Ever receive a mail piece that has your name on it? or an email that seems like they know you?

Marketing is becoming increasingly more personalized. So, to follow suit, we completed a VDP project the past couple weeks.

This was a fun project that we shared with a partner, each taking half the load. My share of the work was in the e-mail campaign.

It was interesting to figure out how to put personalized urls into an email and how to personalize fields in the email as well. Here is what ours ended up looking like:

*all dates and offers are fictional 🙂

The interwebs.

These past couple of weeks have been a crash course in web coding for sure. There never seems to be enough time to learn all that I want to. There are so many cool things that I see all over the internet that I want to replicate for my site, but in a limited time frame I am happy with how it turned out. I hope that my website evolves with content and style in the future.


Check it out here!

URLs and such.

Last week was a huge learning process. Creating a website from scratch is not for the faint of heart!

I’m doing a portfolio website. I bought

I’m hoping eventually the feed from this blog will be forwarded to that URL.

Yay, internet!

I’ll see you with project pictures soon!


p.s. If  haven’t checked out CloudApp, you should ASAP! It will change your life.