Lights, Camera, Freeze!

It’s finally time to break out our handy, dandy DSLRs in studio this week!

woot. woot.

I had an interesting experience this week, though.

Background: I’ve always been a loyal canon girl. Even my first point and shoot was a canon.

BUT, this week I picked up a Nikon at work. I’ve been such a prude about the whole Nikon v. Canon battle that I haven’t ever bothered to learn the Nikon interface.

I had trouble figuring out how to change the shutter speed. The shutter speed.

So, I hope that I will be able to steal someone’s Nikon in class so that I become bi-lingual for both interfaces.

I’m also excited to work with studio lighting since the majority of my photography has been indoors. Should be fun to work with ISO and retain quality.

Yay cameras!


One response to “Lights, Camera, Freeze!”

  1. Zach says :

    You should learn goeyto use a PC. And add a Facebook like button

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