URLs and such.

Last week was a huge learning process. Creating a website from scratch is not for the faint of heart!

I’m doing a portfolio website. I bought http://www.ElizabethRWall.com.

I’m hoping eventually the feed from this blog will be forwarded to that URL.

Yay, internet!

I’ll see you with project pictures soon!


p.s. If  haven’t checked out CloudApp, you should ASAP! It will change your life.


2 responses to “URLs and such.”

  1. Zach Sisk says :

    Right now this blog does forward to elizabethrwall.com you might should fix that so that we can see what you’re working on.
    PS.. I suggest working around a CMS platform like Joomla or wordpress if you’re wanting to keep up the blogging thing.

  2. Zach Sisk says :

    Also web pages aren’t that difficult, web site’s are more difficult as the size of the site increases. Especially updating them after you change your design elements a tad, or add a new menu item.

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