Let’s do this.

This summer was absolutely phenomenal. I got to hang out again at Crossroads Worldwide doing video production. This really helped me to gain more skill in scheduling and training camera operators and directing live video. It was super crazy and challenging, but amazing. I love what I do there.

I also got to go to Daytona Beach, FL with NewSpring Church for the Gauntlet. There’s an awesome recap video that you can find here.

And then, I got to fulfill all of my childhood dreams by visiting Harry Potter World. Oh. Yeah.

This summer really couldn’t have been better, but, in all honesty, I am super excited to get back to classes and friends here on campus. I love the heat, so walking to class is actually enjoyable for me AND all of my professors seem amazing.


I LOVE photography. As this blog may have shown you. I love the art of it, the feel of it and the creativity and freedom of it. I can’t wait to learn more about that in 340. Most of my photos are outdoor, so it will be great to learn to shoot in a studio. I’m also really excited to re-learn how to code for web. That’s something I haven’t really been into since high school.


Anyway, I’m super excited to share with you what I learn this semester!









One response to “Let’s do this.”

  1. Zach Sisk says :

    So jealous. I’ve been wanting to go to Harry Potter land it’s just to far away and probably costs more than I want to pay. But I bet it was amazing.

    Web Coding is fun, still getting into that myself. Learning a bit of PHP and then going to go for Javascript. WordPress themes are pretty easy to make. And now i’m working with another CMS, Joomla. It seems more powerful and meant more for websites instead of blogs.

    Once you get your feet wet, you can try messing with Drupal. They say a lot of people want to hire people experienced with it. Best of luck with that.

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