Swimming in Cupcakes.

Last week I turned twenty.

I received this beautiful gift.

So. Pretty.

So, if you  get a mixer on your birthday…you BAKE on your birthday. Yum.

It was a girl’s night kind of birthday, including “Father of the Bride,” which also turned twenty this year.

What goes perfectly with “Father of the Bride?”

Cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes.

The varieties I chose were S’mores and Key Lime Pie.

That, friends, is the perfect summertime combo.

The recipes were not my own, and I made very little modification. So, you can find the S’mores recipe here.


1) I used semi-sweet baker’s chocolate for the crust.

2) I used 2% milk

3) I used 1tsp baking powder, instead of cream of tartar.

4) I used a regular kitchen lighter to torch the icing.

*disclaimer: This will use a LOT of lighter fluid. Use a torch if you have one 🙂

Yes, please.

Now, for the Key Lime deliciousness. I found this gem of a recipe on this wonderful blog.Modifications:

1) The classic vinegar + milk trick, because I didn’t have buttermilk on hand.

2) I didn’t get quite enough zest off my limes, so I upped the lime juice a bit. Think 4 total tablespoons of lime.

3) I forgot the vanilla in the icing! Still great, though.

4) Lime/ add powdered sugar to the desired taste of the icing. I like a tangier icing, so I opted for more lime.

I hope you get to enjoy these sometime! They’re the perfect summer treat 🙂


One response to “Swimming in Cupcakes.”

  1. Ravonda says :

    Nice job – they look great. I enjoyed checking this out. Baking is what I like to do in my downtime too. Nice kitchen to work in 🙂

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