Sweet Potato Heaven.

So, I’ve whined enough on twitter the past few days for you to know that I had my wisdom teeth removed on thursday. The surgery went really well and recovery seems to be on schedule. So thankful for that. BUT, on schedule doesn’t mean easy peasey 😉 My mom is a rock star and my family and BFF have been so sweet caring for me.

The hardest part of this whole process for me is just feeling so helpless…right down to food prep!

Cooking is definitely a highlight of my day. I look forward to every meal I get to cook for the process and for the flavors.

It’s currently killing me that I can’t  chew, because I love all things crunchy, chewy and non-pureed-fruit-and-veggie-ish.

So today, I woke up stir crazy and craving the kitchen. If my beautiful little mommy were here, she wouldn’t let me get vertical for more than two-shakes, but with the little sis here: success.

So I made this little number:

This is so simple it doesn’t even require a pot! I got the idea for this soup here. (She’s completely my favorite blogger.) I didn’t have all the ingredients in my pantry, so I just created a non-vegan version that I think is simpler. (mine takes 15 minutes fridge to bowl)

So first you’ll need these tasty things:

1 Super Huge Sweet Potato (not pictured)

1 Cup Veggie Stock

1 Cup (more or less to desired texture)

2t Cumin

2t Chili Powder

1T Fresh Parsley

Salt and Peppa

Cheese and Sour Cream to top

Here’s what you do:

Fork a the sweet potato on a plate. Microwave on high 5 minutes on each side (paper towel over it just in case).

Take that hunk of goodness out of the microwave and peel it. Pop it in your blender. Put in all of the other ingredients. Blend.

Pour in a bowl.

Garnish with Parsley, Cheese and Sour Cream to taste.


(makes 2 servings)

Seriously, you will love this soup. My roommate is a super picky eater and she says this is her second favorite thing that I make. And I bake sweets all the time.

So, you should believe me that this soup is SO tasty.

Perfect in the summer or in the wintertime, for a quick lunch or a yummy dinner served with decadent carbs.

I’m going to enjoy this with some more pain pills and an ice pack or two 🙂

Happy Saturday!


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