It’s so very funny to me that my last post was about how I didn’t know what was coming for my life in the near future.

God has literally thrown this plan in my lap in the past couple of weeks.

I think it’s a little early to share the intricacies of this vision with the internet, but very soon you all shall know.

What God is about to use me and a few of my closest friends for is HUGE. This is GOING to change lives. I am CONFIDENT of that.

The Lord has taken away every fear that Satan has given me recently as he promises in 1 Timothy 1:7. He does not promise a SPIRIT of FEAR.

So, this is me stepping out and doing something that people tell me I’m crazy for. I am  CRAZY and I’m OKAY with that.

This is going to be an emotional roller coaster as I know we will meet resistance, discouragement and malice along the way.

The Lord has called us to this, so I am confident that the good that will come from this will FAR override the bad.

So, this is my request: YOUR PRAYERS.

I covet them.

Pray for:

1) The other girls and my piece of mind and spirit

2) The lives that are going to be changed by this project

3) Our patience (as this really could take years)

4) The people that are going to sacrifice to help us along the way

5) That my vision will not be tarnished when it gets hard

I LOVE you all.

Please be a part of this movement with your requests of the Lord.

Bursting with excitement,



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