Wake UP.

So It has taken me much, much longer than I originally anticipated to finally get back to writing. The reason: a nasty stomach virus. I know no one wants to hear the details of such “bliss,” but basically on the night after my first day of classes it hit, hard. So not fun. What is it with me and being ill since coming to college?!? Anyway, I got through it. Not because of my own strength, but because of the Lord and HIS ways and tools. I was blessed with beautiful friends who brought me things I couldn’t go out and get myself and a sweet, sweet set of parents who listened to me cry and coached me through a stomach bug for the very first time one my own. Especially blessed by a mother that stayed up late to read me encouraging scripture on the phone (while I bawled!) to comfort me through the “cleansing” process.

All that aside, now that I’m feeling better I can’t wait to share with you what struck me from the awesome words of God that I heard last week at Pasison2010! The first message we heard was from the leader of the movement, Louie Giglio. The scripture basis for this message can be found in John 11. In John 11, the story of Lazarus and his being raised from the dead is told. This is simply an astounding story…someone is raised from DEATH to LIFE!!! (such an awesome picture of what Jesus does for us!)

The first part of this passage that really struck me in my review was verse 4, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glirified through us.” Ummm, yeah. How relevant has this verse been to MY life this week! This just reminds me, literal sickness or other trials ALL bring glory to HIM. That is the sole reason we are here. We are not hear to be “happy.” We are not here to bring US glory. We are just tools of the creator to bring HIM glory. How awesome is that!

The most important quote I found from this message in my journal is this: “When you get a wake up call, you celebrate the one who woke you up, by inviting them into your space…Jesus can do anything without us but he chooses to take us through the fire so that He becomes more famous.”

When Lazarus was raised from the dead, his friends and family did not praise Lazarus, they praised Jesus. (They invited him in and had a party for him!) And, if Jesus had come sooner to heal Lazarus before he died, then not as much glory would have been brought to God. His perfect plan and timing worked out for the Glory of His Name!

I got the most huge wake up call this past week to begin bringing glory to the name of my Savior, Creator and best friend in big ways, ALL the time, not just in the happy times. So, I think Jesus might have just wanted to test me with that this week. So at the end of this trial, It all worked for the good of His glory. I can glorify his name for my health, strength and ability to go to church and serve Him, relying only on His strength. So amazing!

So this week, WAKE UP! Go GLORIFY HIS NAME, with PASSION!!



p.s. Got the awesome priviledge of being led in some awesome worship by some pretty notable people this week…Kristian Stanfill’s “Wake Up” was one of my favorites. Take a listen/watch!


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