I came across a journal entry that I wrote a while back. It was in response to a message I had heard at a Clemson FCA on “silence”. Something about the message really struck me, because I avoid silence at all costs sometimes. Why is that? Why do we hate escaping noise? And noise sometimes isn’t just that we can’t escape. Sometimes we struggle TO have noise in our life: music, people, tv, tweets, facebook stalking…and the list goes on. Imagine your world if YOU TURNED OFF YOUR CELL PHONE. Holy. Moley. I know an amazingly Godly guy and he told me that for the past few weeks he gave up his phone. I told him he was crazy. But his motive was to throw off this distraction that can entangle us in our time with the Savior. How awesome is that! That by giving up “communication” we actually gain communication with the only one that matters! My life would have much more time and “room” for time with God if I simply gave up that one thing for a while, yet somehow I ALWAYS find reasons that such a thing just wouldn’t be feasible for me. I claim I NEED these things.

All I ever need is HIM.

So in this particular week my devotions consisted mainly of meditation. Silence. Sitting there waiting for God to speak, shutting up my mouth and thoughts.

When I put away the iPhone, shut down the computer, made sure the roommate was out, the door locked up, I could hear Him. Blatantly. It was almost easy. It was vivid. It was beautiful. It made me want to never leave the silence. It made me LOVE the silence. It brought me closer to Him. It CHANGED the way I look at quiet time. It made me obedient to His commands. It opened a line of confession and addressing my sin and earnestly seeking help for it that I wasn’t used to.

At the end of my journal entry I wrote this impression from my silent encounter with the creator of the world: “Silence is BEAUTIFUL, because the only sound in the silence is the SAVIOR.”

And in that Silence I saw Love. Beautiful Love.

In Habakkuk 2:20b it says, “…let all the earth be silent before Him.” (btw…Habbakuk=Amazing!)

I believe that’s a direct command. I have not been following this in listening to the Lord effectively. And I so want that to change! So, in response to this  command, I encourage you to do what it take to find silence. It will change you.


2 responses to “Silence”

  1. Brooke says :

    Love the fact that you a blogging!
    Oh and the part about that Godly guy… yeah still blow away by that and the obedience these guys are showing!
    Oh and I love you!

  2. Avery says :

    Beautiful heart, Beautiful girl. Well said! That was a great message, love hearing your thoughts on it 🙂 Now I really wanna go read my old journals, hehe. LOVE YOU! You should definitely keep blogging.

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