Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!!!!

So, in exactly 1 hour and 33 minutes from the time that I am typing this it will be CHRISTMAS 2009! How exciting! Today and yesterday, I had the priviledge of working in kidspring at Newspring Church in Anderson. Every week I volunteer, I am absolutely astounded at the fact that I walk away feeling like I get way more out of it than the kids that I hang out with.

The “need to know” this week was “God sent His son to be the Savior of the world.” This is such a simple phrase that means so, so much. I constantly am neglecting the gravity of this truth! We have a God that loved us, sinners, enough to send His PERFECT and HOLY son to us. The Jewish people had been awating this beautiful gift since the prophesies in the Bible began. When Jesus was born to a Virgin, Mary, the world didn’t quite believe that this babe, was the long expected Savior of the world.

When I look at this and think about it, I begin to wonder…Would I have been one that didn’t believe? In a day that there were so many messianic imposters, would I have questioned the real deal? It took an amazing amount of faith and courage to believe in the time of Jesus. We have the priviledge of an accessible Jesus, easy to find church and readily available Bibles. We are without excuse for sure in this day in age.

This is just such an exciting story, because the greatest part of it is that WE RECIEVE LIFE. We couldn’t be in community with Christ without Jesus, so this was THE BEST GIFT EVER. So amazing and underserved!

I’ve also been struck by the hilarious things about this season, as we get so far from the true meaning. Here are a few:

1) Elf on a shelf

So I guess this could definitely be seen as a way for parents to be lazier in their efforts to surprise on Christmas morning. I met a little girl that had had a full letter exchange from her “Elf on a Shelf”…and was firmly convinced Santa Himself was planning a very special surprise for her. Sad, but true. Anyway, these things crack me up for sure!

2) The Song “Mary, Did you know?”

Ummmm…..YESSSS. She absolutely had an ANGEL visit her to let her know. Don’t think it gets much more obvious than that. Hard to believe, probably, but still. She absolutely knew!..Way to ask an obvious question!

3) Everything that is the movie Elf!

Probably my most favorite movie of all time…there are way to many quotables to quote in one blog…I would have to post the whole script 😉

Watch it.

Over and over and over again. Until you get sick of it. Which will be never.

Anyway this Christmas, spread some Christmas cheer by singing loud to hear!…not only with your friends and loved ones, but sing out in praise to the AWEsome savior we have in Jesus. He deserves our praise all the time, but especially on His birthday.

Je t’aime,



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